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OriTas (ENG)

OriTas 2016 – All-in-one solution for kinetic analysis of thermoanalytical data

  • Kinetic analysis z(a) any y(a) function – theory
  • Combined kinetic analysis
  • Kinetic analysis via genetic algorithm
  • Shape factor analysis
  • Cube mapping – theory

(OriTas 2014 will be no longer supported.)

Hardware Requirements

  • Intel Pentium 4 (recommended Intel Core iX CPU)
  • 1024MB RAM (WinXP), 2048MB RAM (Vista, 7, 8.x, 10)
  • 100MB HDD
  • Minimum resolution 1280×800

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft NET Framework 4
  • Visual Basic PowerPack 10
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.x or Windows 10, 32/64bit

First step & Help


  • Download files (OriTas program, Visual Basic PowerPack, NET Framework 4)
  • Run setup (VB PowerPack, NET Framework)
  • Unzip OriTas program files and run OriTas.exe

Download files in Download section.

Important information

For opening files DataEditor can be used, it allows you to open all ANSI files with up to 13 columns a all types of decimal and column separator.

Peak data

Peak data PART file must contain only alone peak data points. No part of curve can not be less then 0. Sample data can be found in download section.

Degree of conversion data

Degree of conversion data file must have the same number of points as the peak data PART file. Degree of conversion should be in the interval from 0 to 100. Sample data is in OriTas/files/data DIR in OriTas folder. It is recommended to use OriTas function for calculating degree of conversion data.


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Please use OriTas as Subject.

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